I am Judge Janet B Heppard and I am the presiding Judge of the 387th State District Family Court in Fort Bend County, Texas.  Since beginning my current term in January 2021, my staff and I have worked diligently to complete the family law cases that are assigned to the 387th Court by scheduling hearings and trials, including jury trials, in a timely manner. We believe that all parties should have a voice in court no matter their culture, economic status, or primary language.  

Our court continues to conduct most court proceedings via zoom to allow for greater participation of all parties. During my tenure, we have collaborated with the Ft Bend Dispute Resolution Center to start a Self-Rep program which has an attorney available to give free legal advice to those who appear in court without an attorney.

We have also helped get a virtual court kiosk (funded and operated by the Texas Legal Services Center) in the Ft Bend County Law Library for the use of the local community. These kiosks can be used to attend an online court hearing, get free legal help, or find legal information and resources.

I continue to volunteer in the community, teach as an adjunct at the University of Houston Law Center, and teach at and organize Continuing Legal Education courses for attorneys in the local and wider community. I am asking for your support as I seek to be re-elected Judge of the 387th State District Court Fort Bend County, Texas.

Thank you for voting me back to the bench.